We select and make available to you an expert group, discussion panel or contrast community to support decision-making throughout the development of your project.

Access to the opinion of a selected group of experts

Access to the opinion of a selected group of experts

with the experience and training in the sector, territory, market, channel, technology, expertise or market segmentation that you require. Ideal to get insights from prescribers or influencers.

For a continuous contrast

For a continuous contrast

You will be able to contrast your hypothesis permanently throughout the timing of your project. Always self-managed and ready to be used as often as you need. for any kind of questions.

Open to all kinds of queries

Open to all kinds of queries

Consult the committee specialists in your country or abroad about new launches, commercial proposals, prices, market vision, qualitative insights, news from the competition, contrast or generation of ideas...

Make the periodic or specific consultations you need with direct and confidential access, when, how and for what you need.


Without the need to hire an intermediary, market research company or consultant.

Examples of B2B cases:

Banking and insurance firm

Banking and insurance firm

Consultation Committee with professionals from different business lines, financial directors.

Equipment manufacturer

Equipment manufacturer

Committees with international distributors, promoters and maintenance companies.

Construction supply company

Construction supply company

Committees of architects, decorators, distributors, and builders.

Examples of B2C cases:

Pharmaceutical / OTC Company

Pharmaceutical / OTC Company

Committees of medical professionals of different specialties and holders of the pharmacy channel.
Manufacturer of energy snacks

Manufacturer of energy snacks

Committees of sports nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers.

Motorcycle brand

Motorcycle brand

Committee of owners of mechanical workshops, body customizers and advanced consumers from different countries.

Also for the development and Co-creation of innovation with Lead User communities – Innovators and Early Adopters

You will have virtual, remote access.

It will allow you:

  • The participation of professionals from any geographic area avoiding traveling issues
  • Immediate launch of questions and  faster reception of results
  • Lower cost interactions: email, calls or video

Who is it for?

To all kinds of Projects and Managers

Ideal for Marketing, Sales, Export managers, Trade Marketing, Scientific Marketing, R&D, Innovation, Product Development, Customer user experience, Project managers or entrepreneduría, CXO departments.
Lead users

To all kinds of sectors, B2B and B2C

Ideal for markets with a strong presence of prescribers, distributors, channels, logistics operators, highly defined market segments, multidisciplinary technological environments, advanced or advanced users.

How do we do it?


Based on your requirements, we carry out a complete counter-briefing to understand your information needs, and define the professional profiles to select.

Search and On-Boarding

We are experts in finding the ad-hoc experts, distributors or prescribers you need. We will convince them to collaborate in your success.

Easy and permanent interaction

Directly or through us you can manage queries and responses. We can also participate in the drawing of conclusions and the operational implementation of the project.

Lean, agile and trustworthy process

We comply with the highest levels of compliance to ensure the confidentiality of the topics discussed and the quality of the experts.

Experts in finding the best Experts

All our searches are made to measure for each project, avoiding the bias of databases already customized.

Multi-sector, multi-profile and International

Our tailored search method allows us to recruit experts from any geographic area, sector or expertise.

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