We organise 1 hour calls between you and the experts that will help you take better decisions

We empower your business decisions saving your time and money

Welcome to the new way to access the really relevant insights and information

We help today's business leaders succeed

An intelligent person learns from his mistakes, a clever one learns from the mistakes of others..."


We connect you with the experts you need to enrich your decision making

We are a new type of firm

Our recruiting analysts are highly skilled and experienced at finding the experts that can answer your specialized business questions. We are the best way to empower your business.

It’s wisdom, straight from the source

We believe that a private and confidential one-to-one phone conversation with an expert that has already approached your business challenge is the most direct pathway to take better decisions.
1 Hour Expert calls

1 Hour Expert calls

Our standard and most demanded service

60 minutes has always been the perfect time to contrast your visions and get information, but we can extend this time or repeat interviews with the same expert
Expert Consultation Committee

Expert Consultation Committee

The best way to obtain market information continuously and remotely

We select and put at your disposal the group of prescribers, distributors or final customers to support the decision making during the whole development of your project. Very useful for your product launch strategy, pricing, idea generation,…
In-Company workshops

In-Company workshops

Face-to-face meetings with the expert

This customized format has proved very useful for more in-depth interactions with professionals. They can be done in person or virtually.

Our unique approach

We only work ad-hoc

To ensure the best matches we rely on custom recruitment of experts, not on making use of a pre-existing databases.

International approach

Working worldwide to ensure our clients achieve their international goals. Focusing in Southern Europe and Latin America.


Our ad-hocservice allows us to work in any sector, professional search or kind of.expertise .


We adjust our proposal to perfectly fit your needs and do not ask for long term commitments.

Robust compliance

The service is based on the customized legal framework, industry best practices and comprehensive compliance policy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In the expert call service, you only pay the full price if you are satisfied with the service.


We give more confidence to consultancies in their strategic and investment counselling

Why do business leaders hire us?

  • To examine new investment opportunities 86% 86%
  • To get unique insights about companies and markets 82% 82%
  • To check information about distribution channels 74% 74%
  • To achieve specific knowledge about technologies and solutions 72% 72%
  • To work on Idea generation, innovation and new product launches 66% 66%
  • Select the participants of an External Consultation Committee 64% 64%

About us

We are a new type of firm with a unique angle that gives you a competitive edge

Our Mission

To help Companies with a vocation for growth and Strategic Consultants to have quick and reliable access to key information that will help them to make better decisions in a contrasted and rigorous way while reducing the time and money invested.

Our Vision

To become the most agile and reliable solution so companies and consultants make better decisions. We want to be the reference partner in knowledge supplying for the new generation of project managers and strategic consultants.

Our Values

Become the most agile and reliable solution for companies and consultants to make better decisions. We want to be the partner of reference in providing knowledge for the new generation of project managers and strategic consultants.

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