We are a new type of firm with a unique angle that gives you a competitive edge

Our Mission

To help Companies with a vocation for growth and Strategic Consultants to have quick and reliable access to key information that will help them to make better decisions in a contrasted and rigorous way while reducing the time and money invested.

Our Vision

To become the most agile and reliable solution so companies and consultants make better decisions. We want to be the reference partner in knowledge supplying for the new generation of project managers and strategic consultants.

Our Values

Become the most agile and reliable solution for companies and consultants to make better decisions. We want to be the partner of reference in providing knowledge for the new generation of project managers and strategic consultants.

Founding Partners

Martí Torres

Martí Torres

More than 20 years of experience as Business Unit and Marketing Director in leading companies from consumer goods to services. Senior management consultant for marketing strategy, innovation and product development. MBA and Graduate of ESADE. Master in International Management of Thunderbird School of Global Management (USA)

Xavier Buch

Xavier Buch

Extensive international experience in B2B and disruptive digital markets. Business Developer, Media Manager, Country Manager and networker. MBA of ESADE and New York University Stern School of Business. Graduated in Business Administration (Universitat Autonoma Barcelona) and in Market Research (Universitat Oberta Catalunya).


Our unique approach

We only work ad-hoc

To ensure the best matches we rely on custom recruitment of experts, not on making use of a pre-existing databases.

International approach

Working worldwide to ensure our clients achieve their international goals. Focusing in Southern Europe and Latin America.


Our ad-hoc search method allows us to work in any sector, professional specialty or type of exerptise.


We adjust our proposal to perfectly fit your needs and do not ask for long term commitments.

Robust compliance

The service is based on the customized legal framework, industry best practices and comprehensive compliance policy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You only pay the full price if you are happy with the service. It is our way to demonstrate our integrity.

The Reason Why

Our history. The founders have had high responsibilities as top decision managers in large multinational corporations and also have worked as consultants in a wide variety of international projects. These experiences dealing with different challenges (services, products, markets, distribution channels,…) have helped them to understand the challenge that means to get right reliable and quick and cost-efficient information for solid decision-making processes.

Obtaining reliable information from business customers is fundamental to making good decisions, and the Expert Consultation Committee is helping our customers to have a continuous knowledge of their current and potential market.

We guarantee the highest confidentiality and compliance standards

We work by the belief that trust and confidentiality are paramount to every successful expert-to-client relationship. Our industry-leading compliance philosophy, backed by a rigorous legal framework, are in line with these core business values. We take the time to manage interactions with safeguarded procedures and policies, while also ensuring a seamless process.

Their experience in project management managing multidisciplinary support and advisory committees has helped them to understand the dynamics of information management and teamwork.

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