Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What do we do at 1 HourExperts?
We are specialists in organising one-hour telephone interviews between managers who need to know a market better and expert professionals who can help them thanks to their experience in that market. Based on the objectives of each project, we search and select the experts we propose to the client, we ensure the legal framework and logistics of each interview between expert and client.
What advantages does the 1 Hour Experts service have?
Our service allows faster, cheaper and quality decisions, by accessing professionals who have the experience you are looking for. According to our clients, other ways to find expertise (market research, published surveys, fairs or events) are more expensive, not so quick and usually also lower quality alternatives to access relevant market information.
Why is the 1HourExperts process more streamlined and reliable than traditional research?
Because it consists of only 3 steps: (1) We look for the ad hoc experts for each case based on the brefing / questionnaire that you provide us; (2) You choose the profiles that may interest you the most; (3) We put you in touch with those selected through telephone, virtual or face-to-face interviews.
What are the main uses of our services?
Obtain and contrast information, criteria, and opinions with selected experts in the field, on markets, companies, business and investment opportunities, perspectives and evolution of different social, political or economic variables. Know the drivers, key players, potential segments, distribution channels, competitors of a certain market segment. Contrast criteria and specific knowledge about technologies, techniques, industrial processes. Evaluate solvent opinions on the acceptance and viability of new brands, products or services in a specific sector.


What is the minimum number of interactions that I have to contract?
With 1 Hour Experts each project is different, we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and each project has a number of conversations defined according to the project’s objectives and its budget. There is no minimum number of interactions to work together.
Why is the initial briefing or questionnaire for each project important?
At 1 Hour Experts all searches are carried out ad hoc and with complete confidentiality. Therefore, in order to make a budget adapted to your needs, we need to know your requirements to jointly determine the type of experts that we must search and contact.
Is the expert opinion the one of 1 Hour Experts?
Not at all. The Expert is an independent contractor and not an employee, representative or agent of and any information provided by him is only his professional opinion. The expert does not act as an advisor, consultant or representative of 1 Hour Experts in any case and the opinions, criteria or information expressed must be considered as issued in a private capacity.
Before accepting a project and its budget, can I know the name and surnames of the experts that 1 Hour Experts proposes to me?
In order to maintain the confidentiality of the process data, only once the budget has been approved and the conditions of service accepted, will the list of pre-selected candidates be contacted with the professional profiles of each of them. Once the final selection has been made, the client will access the name and surname of the expert.
When will I be able to access the list of professional profiles?
Once you accept the proposal presented, 1 Hour Experts will start working on the list of basic professional profiles (without name or surname) that will include the availability of dates for the telephone interview. This list will be adjusted to the initial briefing / questionnaire. At the time you select the experts you want to speak to, you will be given full contact details, including first and last name and availability calendar for the interviews.
Have the professionals on the list proposed by 1 Hour Experts accepted the legal conditions?
All the professionals that we include in the list of experts will have already given their approval to be interviewed by you and signed a contract of good practices, professional truthfulness and exclusivity with 1 Hour Experts for the purpose of this service.
When will I know the names of the selected experts?
Only when the client selects the experts that best fit their parameters, the name and surname of the experts will be provided to the client.
Will I speak with the experts before the phone conversation organised by 1 Hour Experts?
Your first contact with them will be in the phone conversation. 1 Hour Experts will organize the agendas of the telephone, virtual or face-to-face interviews so that the process is easy and fast. Any prior clarification that you may need can be managed through 1 Hour Experts.
What if I want to repeat conversations with some experts with whom I have already had a first interview through 1HourExperts?
If you need additional interviews with an expert, do not hesitate to communicate it to your contact at 1 Hour Experts. Experts and clients can have as many interactions as they wish but always within the exclusivity protocol and never outside the relationship framework provided by 1 Hour Experts.
Do the experts get paid to participate in the session?
Yes. The experts are remunerated by 1 Hour Experts for their collaboration and sign a confidentiality and veracity contract for information displayed in their professional profile and career document.
Who is responsible for the decisions made based on the information from the telephone interviews carried out?
The responsible for the decisions made is always the client, who, based on the information already in his possession and that received through the interviews provided with 1hourexpert, will make the decisions that he considers most appropriate following his own criteria.
Is 1 Hour Experts present in the interviews in addition to the expert and the client?
Unless the client is interested in it and after notifying the expert, 1 Hour Experts will not be present at the interviews.
What is the cost of the 1 Hour Experts service?
The costs of 1 Hour Experts services are adapted to the difficulty and scope of each project. In case you are interested, you only have to request that one of our Project Managers contact you to understand your briefing / questionnaire. Once we analyze your needs we will be able to send you a proposal with a specific budget.

In any case, 1 Hour Experts costs are very competitive compared to other options such as traditional market research, hiring consultants, or direct information search.

In the General Conditions of Service contract you will find the conditions that regulate customer interaction in the project. Your approval of the project implies full acceptance of all these conditions. Do not hesitate to contact ( for any question you may require, we will be happy to assist you.


What do I gain by participating in the project?

Participating in this innovative way of sharing knowledge and experience is in itself a gain. You will be able to position yourself as an expert for future projects and, if you wish, publicize on social networks that you have been selected as an expert in one of our projects (never mentioning the client’s name). In addition, their participation is remunerated for each hour of interview with our client. It is a formula that is already working successfully in the USA. and in several European countries.

What is my role as an expert during the interview?

The expert must participate in the interview, bringing to the conversation their criteria, opinion and knowledge to the extent that they are not subject to any confidentiality regulations. The expert does not, and should not, take the role of advisor, consultant, decision maker, or person responsible for the decision-making process resulting from the interview.

Should I prepare the interview, bring some kind of written information, document myself in some way?

No, you should not prepare in any way or prepare any information before or after the interview. What you already know, your criteria, experience and knowledge are already enough to keep the interview going.

Why am I being asked to respond quickly to the offer of being an expert?

One of the keys to the 1HourExperts service is speed of response. The client has a request and the sooner we have the experts selected, the sooner the interviews can be carried out, and the sooner the client can contrast and enrich their decision-making process. The other key aspects of our service are quality, a solid legal framework and professionalism of the process.

What kind of information can I provide?

Your opinion, knowledge, and all kinds of information as long as it is not confidential.

What do I do if they propose to act as an expert in the project and I am interested in it?

Confirm that your knowledge and experience are correct and allow you to speak about the project with solvency, as well as being available to carry on the conversation in the next two weeks.

When will I know if I have been chosen to participate in the phone conversation?

The term may vary. In the days after you sign the legal conditions, we will send your profile to the client, along with that of other selected professionals. It will be the client who will decide which experts he wants to work with for this project.

Is it possible that despite having spoken to 1 Hour Experts about my possible participation in the project, and signed the legal conditions, the client does not select me to carry on the conversation?

Yes. It is our clients who determine with whom they wish to set up the interviews, 1 Hour Experts only seeks and proposes the best experts for our clients. Our process of recruiting experts implies that more than 80% of the candidates presented are accepted, so if we invite you to sign the legal conditions, the chances of being elected are very high.

What do I do if I do not consider myself knowledgeable / expert in this matter but I know someone who is and who might be interested in participating in this project?

Provide us with your contact details and after analyzing your profile we will contact him / her in case you are interested in participating.

Why do I have to accept the contract of good practices, professional truthfulness and exclusivity with 1 Hour Experts to be presented to the client?

In order to present your application to our client, we need your confirmation so we can speed up the candidate selection process.

How will I accept this contract?

The digital signature of the document through the platform serves as acceptance of the conditions that regulate your participation as an expert in the project.

Can 1 Hour Experts reveal my full profile (with my first and last name) to the Customer at any time?

Not until the Expert has accepted the contracting conditions.

Does the information about my professional history have to be updated?

Yes, you are responsible for the information that you provide us about your professional history, training, and knowledge is correct and truthful.

What do I do if during an interview I identify a professional, regulatory, or ethical conflict that I cannot or should not continue participating in?

I will need to end my participation in the interview and immediately notify 1 Hour Experts.

Who is responsible for what as an expert I can tell in the interview?

As an expert, I am solely responsible for determining if my participation is appropriate and does not produce any type of conflict. Consequently, 1 Hour Experts is not responsible for the quantity or quality of the information provided by any Expert.

What happens if I am finally unable to be present at the session I had planned?

We request complete punctuality so that the coordination is efficient. In the case of not being able to attend, give sufficient notice. If you do not attend a scheduled meeting, you will not receive your remuneration and the client will get a bad impression of you.

Will I be able to disclose to any third party my participation in the interview, the subject or identity and the data related to the Client, or benefit or negotiate on the basis of information that comes to my knowledge in the context of the interview?

No, all these aspects are regulated in the conditions of service that you sign when accepting your participation.

If I am unable to attend the conference call repeatedly in breach of the previously agreed date, may my participation in the project be canceled?

Yes, the client plans with you a day and time for the meeting. If you do not attend, an attempt will be made to reschedule the meeting, but if this is not possible from the client, unfortunately your participation in the project will be canceled.

When will I receive remuneration for my participation in the interview organized by 1HourExperts?

Once the interview is done, we will send you the financial consideration for this project, by Paypal or bank transfer. In the event that the client finally decides not to carry out the interview or cannot carry it out for any reason, his predisposition to participate will not be remunerated.

In the Conditions of Commitment contract you will find the conditions that regulate the interaction of experts in the project. Your digital signature implies full acceptance of all these conditions. Do not hesitate to contact ( for any question you may require, we will be happy to assist you.